About the Market

The Liberty Park Farmer’s Market will be held every Friday at 4:00 P.M. until dusk from June 9th to October 20th.

The Liberty Park Farmer’s Market is sponsored by The Liberty Wells Community Council. The Council identified a need for fresh local produce in the Liberty Wells area. Additionally, there is a need to support small local farms and businesses that create local products. Liberty Park Farmers Market will help support local farms and businesses by bringing fresh local produce directly to the Liberty Wells community.

The purpose of the Liberty Park Farmers Market is to bring our community closer together and show off local farming, small businesses, and community gardening in our wonderful park in the city. Liberty Park is an ideal venue for a Farmers Market to sell local fresh produce directly from farmers and local businesses to the Liberty Wells community. The Market can help strengthen the Liberty Wells neighborhood by showcasing produce that is grown in the Liberty Wells community gardens and connect members of the community with the LWCC.